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Li Cheng people believe that the future belongs to the strong. "Lead the technology, connect the future, the achievements of a better life.".....

Experienced the rapid expansion of nineteen years, the company significantly growth performance, amazing growth performance represents the company's technology.....

Its three South China, East China and Central China manufacturing base, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, three overseas companies, its company.....


Founding CEO Founding Us June 18, 1993, BOUCHU Pursuke excellence 经 SPILLOG philosophy, ▒ design, production and production, industrial technology 和 一 一 一 一, Futoshi Masanobu future fulfillment. “Undertaking technology, consecutive future, fulfilled living love!”Company 's technology and industry' s default policy, founding president of Shinzo Akira Akira Maki Akira...

28 years focused on electronic products

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Significant growth in performance, the company's technology, quality and service embarked on a new level, has developed into a set of production wire and cable, plug, chemical, mining and other diversified group of companies。






Good news again, warm congratulations to the company July performance again
Good news spread again, warm congratulations to the business team of the company in the company's internal operation team (development/engineering/materials/production/quality assurance) with full cooperation, the company overfulfilled the turnover target in July, the company's turnover target for July was 17.04 million yuan, actually reached 17.1362 million yuan, overfulfilled 96,200 yuan.
Happy bloom, childlike flying
On the evening of June 1, Licheng's annual "Children's Day Children's Day" was held in the "McDonald's" restaurant in Shek Pai Park. 15 children and parents participated in this event.
Good news
Good news! Good news! Good news! At 5:30 pm on May 31, with the sound of firecrackers, our business team and the company cheered by the assistant management team to celebrate the third time we achieved the monthly business target this year, and it was over-achieved! In May, the company's turnover target was 14.45 million yuan, the actual amount reached 14.627 million yuan, and the excess was 179,900 yuan. Although the excess performance is not much, but this achievement is really hard to come by!
Shenzhen Shenghe Songsongshan Lake and Wanbei Branches’ ninth learning meeting ended successfully
On July 24th, the friends of Soul of Songshan Lake and Wanbei Branch gathered in Dongguan Licheng Electronics Co., Ltd., and opened the ninth study tour of the first alliance of Shenzhen Songsongshan Lake Branch and Wanbei Branch.