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2019/11/14 22:26
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Good news! Good news! Good news! At 5:30 pm on May 31, with the sound of firecrackers, our business team and the company cheered by the assistant management team to celebrate the third time we achieved the monthly business target this year, and it was over-achieved! In May, the company's turnover target was 14.45 million yuan, the actual amount reached 14.627 million yuan, and the excess was 179,900 yuan. Although the excess performance is not much, but this achievement is really hard to come by!
Over the past two years, after all the efforts of Licheng people, from sample to verification, how many days and nights, improvement again and again, we can finally confidently say to customers: the products we design, the quality has Guarantee, especially the reliability performance is absolutely guaranteed!
The order came as a flood, and the pressure of delivery came. In order to ensure the completion of the monthly business objectives, the equipment development department completed the installation and commissioning of three new assembly lines within one week under the shortage of manpower;
Under the slogan of “Quality Pioneer, Efficiency and Achievement”, all the colleagues in the production department added 7 special lines to ensure the normal delivery of orders in the short 15 days. They fought day and night and overcome many difficulties before they can achieve today's results.
Chairman Ye is more handsome and steadfast. He is stationed at the production site every day, leading technicians to overcome bottlenecks and continuously improve production efficiency.
Other functional departments, each fighting in their own positions, laid a solid foundation for the final completion of this month's business objectives.
Barry is only half of 90. We firmly believe that as long as all the people of Licheng are on the same mind, cohesive, spirited, and passionate, the business goal will be achieved. Let us make persistent efforts, work hard and constantly create new highs. Licheng people, come on!
Good news!