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Founded on 18 th , June 1993, Licheng Electronics follows the business philosophy of “pursuing excellence” to provide low-price and high-quality products for customers.
Dongguan Licheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded on June 18, 1993. In the business philosophy of “Excellence”, the company serves the industry with professional technologies, first-class service and products with reasonable price and high quality from design to manufacturing.
After many years of rapid expansion, the company has obtained obviously increasing performance which indicates that its technologies, quality and service reach a new level. At present, the company has developed into a diversified group company integrating production of electric wires and cables, plugs, chemicals and minerals. It has three manufacturing bases in South China, East China and Central China respectively, three overseas companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan respectively, and branches such as Dongguan Licheng Electronics Co., Ltd., Dongguan Licheng Electric Wires Co., Ltd., Licheng Electronics (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., Licheng Electronics (Hengyang) Co., Ltd., Hengyang Licheng Electric Wires Co., Ltd., Qilian Huisheng Mining Co., Ltd., Licheng (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Ltd., Taiwan Licheng Company, and Japanese Licheng Company.
In order to strengthen its quality management and meet international environmental protection requirements, the company has successively passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, Sony Green Partner and CP, and the safety certification of 18 countries such as UL, CSA, VDE, SAA, PSE, etc. Thanks to its perfect quality system, it has won customers’ trust.
In response to the call of governmental industrial upgrading and enterprise transition, the company has been devoted to technical reform and innovation, improving degree of its automation in all of its aspects and strengthening its core competence by taking science and technology as orientation. At present, the company has successfully replaced traditional labor intensive operation modes with automatic production lines which increases its efficiency by 35%. Moreover, the company vigorously advocates technical innovation and invention. The company has been successful in obtaining inventive patents such as “USB” structures and structures of “Plugs with Fuse Holders”. Meanwhile, it widely promotes school-enterprise cooperation. It, together with Guangdong University of Technology, has obtained an inventive patent of the utility model of “Direct-current Power Plug Soldered Dot Polishers”. At present, the company is applying for a dozen of inventive patents.
Licheng people firmly believe that the future belongs to the strong. “Technology Leading, Future Connection, Good Life Creation”! In the fixed policy of “Invigorating the Enterprise by Science and Technology”, the company will march towards the more glorious future!
Company Objective:To be a diversified enterprise which has international competitiveness and integrates science and technology and innovation
Company Mission:Creating Wealth for the Society, Cultivating Modern Managers, Creating Top Brands
Company Spirit:Creditable, Pragmatic, Struggling; Keen Enterprising, Constant Improvement
Company Culture:Innovative, Competitive, People-oriented, Potential-stimulated, Reciprocal