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Shenzhen Shenghe Songsongshan Lake and Wanbei Branches’ ninth learning meeting ended successfully

Shenzhen Shenghe Songsongshan Lake and Wanbei Branches’ ninth learning meeting ended successfully

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2019/11/14 22:24
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On July 24th, the friends of Soul of Songshan Lake and Wanbei Branch gathered in Dongguan Licheng Electronics Co., Ltd., and opened the ninth study tour of the first alliance of Shenzhen Songsongshan Lake Branch and Wanbei Branch.
The host Jiang Feiyan gave a detailed introduction to the company and led everyone to visit the site. Licheng was established on June 18, 1993. It is a group company that produces diversified operations such as wire and cable and plugs.
The ninth article of the "Twelve Businesses" study has a courage, and the operators cannot have a mean manner. Xu Juan has been a guide to share:
1. Pay as much as anyone's efforts
 2. Unite with employees to form synergy
3. Do a good job in accounting management
4. Adhere to your beliefs, even if only 1% believe you
5, doing things with a sense of scale, awe
6. Have rich practical experience and ability
 In the course of business, we need to have the courage and courage to face the responsibility and consequences brought about by decision-making; leaders should take the lead in any situation and setbacks, and rush to the front; no matter big or small, encounter When you get to the problem, you must make a quick judgment. As long as you judge it, you will have the right and wrong, but also bear the responsibility and consequences. You must train yourself, cultivate courage, and continue to learn and grow, and you will do one thing to the utmost.
The 27th World Congress of Shenghe held the participation of the students: Wongton Printing Co., Ltd. Zheng Aiguo, Guangdong Jinlu Technology Co., Ltd. Long Dong, Dongguan Guangyou Hardware Products Factory Chen Qiumei, Dongguan Jiasheng Daily Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Ye Jianmei, shared the "power of benchmarking", "because of the greatness of love, chasing love", from harvest to gratitude.
Sharing is the beginning of altruism, and the host Ye Dong shared "evaluating the operation of a company" from financial thinking:
1. Profit management
2. Growth rate of turnover
3. Receivables management
4. Cash flow management
5, inventory management
 Ye Dong focused on sharing the experience accumulated in inventory management for many years, which aroused everyone's strong interest. Ye Dong patiently answered the questions raised by the friends of the soul.
Shenzhen Shenghe and Liu Liuxin Director shared the philosophy of Mr. Inamori and practiced in life and work, igniting the enthusiasm of each soul friend. As long as you are willing to learn, you will have time, you can change, grow and gain if you believe. The business family is happy, let the footsteps keep up with the soul, first change from oneself, true faith, true learning, and hard work, while learning and practicing, affecting the family around them.
 In the evening, I shared the theme, “How to be the first to be successful as a manager after learning six major advances”. Under the auspices of Xu Juan, all the friends of the soul rushed to speak on the stage and shared the changes and achievements of the practice of Inamori.
Thanks to the Shenzhen Shenghe platform, thanks to the organization of the host, and the wonderful sharing brought by the friends of the soul; thanks to the blessings of the soul friends of Shenzhen Songsong Lake and Wanbei Branch, this study will be successfully completed in gratitude. We look forward to our more refined approach to the future of the "rice" enlightenment, and we look forward to meeting again next month.
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