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Good news again, warm congratulations to the company July performance again

Good news again, warm congratulations to the company July performance again

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2019/11/14 22:11
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Good news spread again, warm congratulations to the business team of the company in the company's internal operation team (development/engineering/materials/production/quality assurance) with full cooperation, the company overfulfilled the turnover target in July, the company's turnover target for July was 17.04 million yuan, actually reached 17.1362 million yuan, overfulfilled 96,200 yuan.
Although overachievement is not much, but, this achievement is really hard-won! In 2019, affected by the trade war between China and the United States and other international environments, all walks of life will be impacted more or less (such as production cuts, holidays or layoffs). However, our performance of licheng can rise against the trend.
Honesty can have such a good performance, this is the result of our honesty people honesty person always adhere to the customer demand is our efforts direction, put customer needs is always the first, honesty the quality policy: always by LCH commitment to quality, service, delivery of comprehensive customer satisfaction to do it. Also comes from the sales department colleagues in the external environment is bad, no new customer, we can find deep customer maintenance, dig customer needs, strive for more orders, more is the result of our honesty, founder of the leaf, chairman of the pragmatic work style, work, the good faith doctrine, guiding the honesty man in the right direction we all do The right thing to do.
With our efforts, we have achieved the quality commitment, customer satisfaction will be improved, the order quantity will be increased accordingly, and the natural turnover will be increased, which is a positive cycle, exceeding the target to achieve the business target is so simple and simple. I firmly believe that the people of licheng will make great achievements in the following months. All licheng family members, come on! We are ready for the next brilliant!
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